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16 oz weighted baseball – 16 oz weighted baseball – baseball-humour

16 oz weighted baseball
A 16 oz weighted baseball refers to a specific type of training ball that is heavier than a standard baseball and is used primarily for developing arm strength, improving mechanics, and increasing velocity in baseball pitchers. Here’s an overview of how a 16 oz weighted baseball is used in training:

Purpose and Benefits

  1. Strength and Endurance:
    • Muscle Activation: The heavier weight of a 16 oz ball increases the resistance during the throwing motion, engaging more muscle fibers in the arm, shoulder, and core.
    • Building Arm Strength: Regular use of a 16 oz weighted baseball can help strengthen the muscles involved in the throwing motion, potentially leading to increased throwing velocity over time.
    • Endurance Training: Pitchers can use weighted balls to improve endurance, allowing them to maintain velocity and effectiveness throughout longer outings.
  2. Mechanical Improvement:
    • Focus on Mechanics: Weighted balls encourage pitchers to concentrate on proper throwing mechanics, including arm slot, follow-through, and release point.
    • Enhanced Kinetic Chain: Promotes a more efficient transfer of energy from the lower body through the torso to the arm, optimizing overall throwing mechanics.
  3. Velocity Development:
    • Overload Principle: By throwing a heavier ball, pitchers adapt to the increased resistance, which can translate to greater arm speed when returning to standard baseballs.
    • Speed Training: Using weighted balls as part of a structured throwing program can help pitchers develop faster arm action and potentially increase their fastball velocity.

Training Protocols

  • Progressive Overload: Start with lighter weighted balls (e.g., 4 oz or 6 oz) before progressing to a 16 oz ball to allow pitchers to adjust gradually to the increased weight.
  • Pitching Drills: Incorporate 16 oz weighted baseballs into throwing drills, focusing on short distances initially to maintain proper mechanics and control.
  • Frequency: Use weighted balls 2-3 times per week as part of a comprehensive pitching program, balancing with regular bullpen sessions and rest days to prevent overuse.

Safety Considerations

  • Consultation: Work with a qualified coach or trainer who is experienced in weighted ball programs to ensure proper implementation and technique.
  • Monitoring: Pay attention to signs of fatigue or discomfort during training sessions and adjust intensity or volume accordingly.
  • Rest and Recovery: Allow adequate recovery time between weighted ball sessions to avoid overuse injuries and maintain arm health.


A 16 oz weighted baseball serves as a valuable tool in a pitcher’s training arsenal, offering benefits such as increased arm strength, improved mechanics, and potential velocity gains. When integrated properly into a structured pitching program and combined with regular strength training and conditioning, weighted balls can help pitchers develop the necessary skills and endurance to perform at their best on the mound. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety, proper technique, and gradual progression to maximize the benefits of using a 16 oz weighted baseball in training.

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