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6u baseball practice drills – 6u baseball practice drills – baseball-humour

6u baseball practice drills
Coaching 6U baseball requires a focus on basic skills, fun, and engaging activities to keep young players interested and learning. Here are some simple and effective practice drills tailored for 6U baseball players:

1. Warm-Up Activities

  • Running Bases: Start with a fun game of running bases to get players moving and warmed up.
  • Animal Walks: Have players mimic different animal movements (bear crawl, crab walk, bunny hops) to loosen up muscles and add a fun element to warm-ups.

2. Throwing and Catching Drills

  • Partner Toss: Pair players up and have them toss a soft baseball or foam ball back and forth, focusing on catching with two hands and throwing to a target.
  • Bucket Relay: Line up players in two lines facing each other. They pass the ball down the line and back, practicing quick catches and throws.

3. Fielding Drills

  • Ground Ball Roll: Roll soft balls along the ground for players to practice fielding with their gloves.
  • Cone Fielding: Set up cones as bases and have players field ground balls and throw to each cone, simulating fielding and throwing to bases.

4. Hitting Drills

  • Tee Work: Use a batting tee for players to practice hitting. Focus on correct stance, grip, and swinging through the ball.
  • Soft Toss: A coach or parent gently tosses balls to the player, encouraging them to make contact and follow through with their swing.

5. Base Running Drills

  • Around the Bases: Have players run around the bases in a circuit, practicing running through first base and rounding the bases.
  • Race to First: Pair players and have them race to first base, emphasizing running technique and hustling out of the batter’s box.

6. Game-Like Situations

  • Mini-Game Scrimmages: Divide players into teams and play mini-games with simplified rules, allowing everyone to participate and learn the basics of game play.
  • Coach Pitch: Introduce coach-pitch games where players get to hit pitched balls from a coach, focusing on swinging at strikes and running the bases.

7. Cool Down and Stretching

  • Stretching Circles: Lead players in stretching exercises to cool down, focusing on major muscle groups used during practice.
  • Team Cheer: End practice with a team cheer or high-fives to celebrate efforts and promote team spirit.

Additional Tips

  • Keep It Simple and Positive: Use simple instructions and encourage players throughout practice to build confidence and enjoyment.
  • Rotate Positions: Allow players to try different positions during drills to explore their interests and skills.
  • Short Sessions: Keep practice sessions short (30-45 minutes) to match young players’ attention spans and energy levels.

By incorporating these drills and maintaining a supportive environment, you can help 6U baseball players develop fundamental skills while fostering a love for the game. Focus on fun, participation, and building confidence in each player’s abilities to create a positive learning experience.

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