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Baseball America releases their Reds Top 10 Prospect list

It appears like I simply got out in front of Baseball America this year with launching my variation of the Cincinnati Reds leading prospects list. While my list is 25 gamers deep, they have actually launched their Top 10 today (they in fact have a top 30, however the 11-30 group is available in the Possibility Handbook, which won’t be launched for a few months). You will require a subscription to see their list, but I will discuss some of the important things within.

There weren’t really any surprises amongst which 10 gamers made the leading 10. Their list and my list featured 9 of the very same players. They had Leo Balcazar on their list, while I had him at # 11.

What I discovered a bit more intriguing was the positioning of some of the guys within the top 10. Webcam Collier being at the 10th area was the one that jumped out to me a bit more than any of the others on their list. The searching report on him still has a lot of good ideas within it, and it backs up much of what I’ve blogged about him here, however I guess I’m a bit more positive about him making a few of the changes he needs or that they are merely greater on a few of the others who had strong 2023 season’s and what they revealed.

The Australian Baseball League starts tonight
Late tonight/early tomorrow morning the Australian Baseball League will get their season started. As long as the official website is appropriate, their video games will start at 3am ET on Friday early morning.

Some of the games are available to look for complimentary (you need to register, but it is totally free), however it seems that not all of the home groups have the capability to broadcast. In spite of the video games beginning in 12 hours, just half of the teams in the league have actually advertised their rosters. Amongst those lineups that are completed, only 2 Reds prospects are listed. Ricardo Cabrera is playing with the Perth Heat. Ben Walmsley will be pitching for Brisbane. Sadly, looking at the schedule it seems that Perth won’t have a game that you can view till November 30th, but maybe that might change. Brisbane’s very first 2 series will be available to enjoy.


It appears that Melbourne, who is hosting Perth in the opening week’s series, has their games survive on Youtube and you can tune in to enjoy if you would like. Here’s the link.

Daytona to remain at Jackie Robinson Ballpark
The Tortugas announced this afternoon that they had a brand-new lease with the city to stay at Jackie Robinson Ballpark for the next 20 years, and there’s a choice to extend that lease for 10 years after that.

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is getting some upgrades this offseason– new lighting, a brand-new batters eye, and new nasty poles. Now if we can simply get them on the plan … well, that would be an early birthday present for me that I ‘d enjoy to share with all of you.

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