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best pitching training aids
Pitching training aids can greatly enhance a pitcher’s development by focusing on mechanics, velocity, control, and overall performance improvement. Here are some of the best pitching training aids widely used by baseball players and coaches:

1. Pitching Nets

  • Purpose: Pitching nets provide a target for pitchers to aim at during practice sessions, helping improve accuracy and consistency.
  • Benefits: They are portable, easy to set up, and can be used for various pitching drills, including bullpen sessions and target practice.

2. Pitching Mounds

  • Purpose: Portable pitching mounds simulate game-like conditions for pitchers, allowing them to practice their mechanics, balance, and delivery from an elevated surface.
  • Benefits: Helps pitchers adjust to different mound heights and prepares them for pitching in actual game environments.

3. Pitching Targets

  • Purpose: Targets such as strike zone mats or portable strike zones help pitchers refine their command and accuracy by aiming at specific locations.
  • Benefits: Provides immediate visual feedback and encourages pitchers to hit precise spots in the strike zone.

4. Pitching Velocity Guns/Radars

  • Purpose: Radar guns measure pitch speed, helping pitchers track their velocity improvements over time.
  • Benefits: Allows pitchers to set velocity goals, monitor progress, and adjust mechanics to maximize throwing speed.

5. Pitching Grips Training Balls

  • Purpose: Specialized balls with markings or indentations for different grips (e.g., fastball, curveball, changeup) help pitchers practice and perfect their pitch grips.
  • Benefits: Enhances muscle memory for different pitches and improves consistency in grip and release.

6. Resistance Bands

  • Purpose: Resistance bands aid in strengthening pitching muscles (shoulders, arms, and core) through specific exercises and drills.
  • Benefits: Helps prevent injuries, improves arm strength, and enhances overall pitching endurance and power.

7. Video Analysis Tools

  • Purpose: Video analysis software and apps allow pitchers to record and review their pitching mechanics, delivery, and timing.
  • Benefits: Provides visual feedback for coaches and players to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.

8. Pitching Training Balls (weighted and training balls)

  • Purpose: Weighted balls and training balls vary in weight and size, helping pitchers develop arm strength, speed, and accuracy.
  • Benefits: Enhances arm conditioning, improves pitch control, and reinforces proper throwing mechanics.

9. Pitching Machines

  • Purpose: Pitching machines simulate various pitch speeds and types (fastballs, curveballs, sliders) to help pitchers adjust to different pitching styles.
  • Benefits: Provides consistent practice opportunities without relying on another player, improving timing and reaction to different pitches.

10. Pitching Instructional Guides and Books

  • Purpose: Educational resources and guides offer tips, drills, and techniques from experienced coaches and pitchers to improve pitching skills.
  • Benefits: Provides valuable insights into pitching mechanics, strategy, mental preparation, and overall pitching development.


The best pitching training aids vary based on the specific needs and goals of pitchers, whether they’re focusing on velocity, control, mechanics, or overall performance enhancement. Incorporating these aids into a structured training program can help pitchers develop and refine their skills effectively, leading to improved performance on the mound during games.

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