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best weighted baseballs for pitching
Choosing the best weighted baseballs for pitching depends on various factors, including the pitcher’s skill level, training goals, and specific needs. Weighted baseballs are commonly used in training to improve arm strength, velocity, and mechanics. Here are some popular options that are well-regarded among pitchers and coaches:

1. Driveline PlyoCare Balls

  • Weight Range: Available in a set with varying weights (typically 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 7 oz, 9 oz, 11 oz).
  • Purpose: Designed specifically for plyometric training and arm care routines.
  • Benefits: Helps pitchers develop arm strength, improve velocity, and enhance arm endurance through structured throwing programs.
  • Material: Made of durable materials suitable for repetitive use.

2. Jaeger Sports J-Bands

  • Weight Range: Includes a set of balls ranging from 2 oz to 12 oz.
  • Purpose: Focuses on arm strengthening and conditioning.
  • Benefits: Helps pitchers improve arm speed and stamina, as well as promote proper arm mechanics.
  • Material: Made from quality materials designed to withstand frequent use.

3. Bownet Weighted Training Balls

  • Weight Range: Offers a set with weights ranging from 7 oz to 21 oz.
  • Purpose: Intended for developing arm strength and enhancing velocity.
  • Benefits: Helps pitchers improve grip strength, release point consistency, and overall throwing mechanics.
  • Material: Constructed with a durable synthetic leather cover and a cork/rubber core.

4. Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Smart Baseball

  • Weight: Similar weight to a standard baseball (5 oz), but includes smart technology to track metrics such as velocity, spin rate, and trajectory.
  • Purpose: Provides immediate feedback on pitching performance, aiding in development and refinement of pitches.
  • Benefits: Integrates technology with traditional weighted ball training, allowing pitchers to monitor progress and adjust training accordingly.
  • Material: Features high-quality leather and built-in sensors for data collection.


  • Training Program: Consult with a coach or trainer to determine the appropriate weight and usage for your specific training goals.
  • Safety: Use weighted baseballs responsibly and follow recommended guidelines to prevent injury, especially for younger or less experienced pitchers.
  • Skill Level: Choose weighted baseballs that match your current skill level and training objectives, whether focusing on velocity improvement, pitch development, or arm endurance.

Each of these weighted baseball options offers unique benefits for pitchers looking to enhance their performance through structured training programs. Whether you’re working on arm strength, velocity, or overall pitching mechanics, incorporating weighted baseballs into your routine can be a valuable tool in achieving your pitching goals.

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