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hit away training baseball
The Hit-A-Way training baseball is a popular tool designed to help baseball and softball players improve their hitting skills through repetition and immediate feedback. It can be used almost anywhere, making it an excellent option for home practice. Here’s an in-depth look at the Hit-A-Way training baseball, including its features, benefits, and how to use it effectively.

Overview of Hit-A-Way Training Baseball


  • To help players develop and refine their hitting mechanics, timing, and hand-eye coordination.


  • A tethered baseball that simulates a real pitch.
  • Adjustable cord length to simulate different pitch heights.
  • Can be attached to a pole, tree, or other stable structures.
  • Designed for repeated use without the need for a pitcher or a lot of space.

Benefits of Using the Hit-A-Way Training Baseball

  1. Repetition and Muscle Memory:
    • Allows players to take a high volume of swings, which helps develop muscle memory.
    • Consistent practice with the Hit-A-Way can lead to improved hitting mechanics and timing.
  2. Immediate Feedback:
    • Players can instantly see the results of their swings, allowing them to make adjustments on the fly.
    • Helps identify issues with swing mechanics, such as bat path and contact point.
  3. Convenience:
    • Easy to set up and use anywhere, making it ideal for backyard practice.
    • Does not require a partner, pitcher, or a large space.
  4. Safety:
    • Reduces the risk of injury as the ball is tethered and does not require a live pitch.
    • Suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

How to Use the Hit-A-Way Training Baseball


  1. Attach the Hit-A-Way:
    • Secure the Hit-A-Way to a sturdy pole, tree, or other structures.
    • Ensure the attachment point is high enough so the ball hangs at the desired height for hitting.
  2. Adjust the Cord:
    • Adjust the length of the tether to simulate different pitch heights and locations.
    • Ensure the ball is positioned correctly for the type of swing you are practicing (e.g., high pitches, low pitches).

Practice Drills:

  1. Basic Swing Drill:
    • Objective: Improve overall swing mechanics.
    • Method: Stand in your batting stance and take a controlled swing at the ball. Focus on making solid contact and following through.
    • Repetitions: Take 10-15 swings, then rest and repeat for several sets.
  2. Inside/Outside Pitch Drill:
    • Objective: Practice hitting pitches on the inside and outside parts of the plate.
    • Method: Adjust the Hit-A-Way to different positions to simulate inside and outside pitches. Take swings focusing on proper bat path for each location.
    • Repetitions: Alternate between inside and outside pitches, taking 5-10 swings at each location.
  3. High/Low Pitch Drill:
    • Objective: Improve ability to hit high and low pitches.
    • Method: Adjust the height of the Hit-A-Way to simulate high and low pitches. Practice swinging at each height.
    • Repetitions: Take 5-10 swings at each height, focusing on maintaining good form.
  4. Timing Drill:
    • Objective: Develop better timing and rhythm in your swing.
    • Method: Use a consistent count or rhythm to simulate the timing of a pitch. Focus on starting your swing at the right moment to make solid contact.
    • Repetitions: Take 10-15 swings, focusing on timing each one correctly.
  5. Power Drill:
    • Objective: Increase bat speed and power.
    • Method: Take aggressive swings, focusing on generating bat speed and power while maintaining good mechanics.
    • Repetitions: Take 5-10 powerful swings, then rest and repeat for several sets.

Tips for Effective Use

  1. Focus on Mechanics:
    • Always prioritize proper swing mechanics over hitting the ball hard. Good mechanics will naturally lead to better contact and power.
  2. Consistency:
    • Make the Hit-A-Way a regular part of your practice routine to see consistent improvement.
  3. Variety:
    • Use the Hit-A-Way to practice different types of pitches and swing scenarios to become a more well-rounded hitter.
  4. Warm-Up:
    • Warm up properly before using the Hit-A-Way to prevent injury and ensure your muscles are ready for the workout.
  5. Supervision for Young Players:
    • Ensure young players are supervised and using the Hit-A-Way correctly to maximize safety and effectiveness.


The Hit-A-Way training baseball is a versatile and convenient tool for improving hitting skills in baseball and softball. Its design allows for a high volume of swings, providing immediate feedback and promoting muscle memory development. By incorporating a variety of drills and focusing on proper mechanics, players can effectively use the Hit-A-Way to enhance their hitting performance. Whether you’re practicing in the backyard or at the field, the Hit-A-Way can be a valuable addition to your training regimen.

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