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Mariners Slugger Reportedly ‘High’ On Red Sox’s Offseason Free Agent List

The city of Boston is presently looking for a new effective hitter, and one specific skilled player from the Seattle Mariners appears to be an ideal choice as an option. The Boston Red Sox are in need of an additional hitter who swings from the right side, in order to enhance the batting order’s middle section.

Boston’s lineup is left-handed heavy and the Red Sox likely will be losing one of their finest righties from the 2023 project. The Red Sox signed Justin Turner in free agency last year but he likely will be playing in other places when the 2024 project rolls around. Boston will be on the lookout for a brand-new righty and one gamer who could be a choice is former Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners slugger Teoscar Hernández, according to the Boston World’s Pete Abraham.
“Teoscar Hernández is going to get a much larger contract than you expect for a profession.261 player with a. 316 on-base portion,” Abraham said. “He has an.803 OPS the last 3 seasons with 83 homers and he squashes lefties. For teams such as the Red Sox, who need right-handed power, he’ll be high up on the list.”

Hernández is an interesting name to look out for. He is 31 years old and has actually hit a minimum of 25 crowning achievement in each of the last four full seasons– not including the 2020 reduced project. Last season he struck 26 crowning achievement, drove in 93 runs, and clubbed 29 doubles for the Mariners. Plus, Hernández might supply the Red Sox with more outfield depth. There’s a strong opportunity the Red Sox will trade away a minimum of one outfielder this offseason and Hernández might help fill out.

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