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soft hands baseball trainer
A “soft hands baseball trainer” typically refers to a specialized tool or device designed to help baseball players, particularly infielders, improve their fielding skills by promoting soft, sure-handed catches. These trainers are invaluable for developing proper glove technique, hand-eye coordination, and confidence in fielding ground balls. Here’s an overview of what a soft hands baseball trainer entails and how it benefits players:

Features of a Soft Hands Baseball Trainer

  1. Design and Construction
    • Soft Material: Made from materials like foam, rubber, or synthetic leather to simulate the feel of a baseball without the hardness and weight, ensuring safety during repetitive catching drills.
    • Size and Shape: Typically resembles the size and shape of a baseball or softball, allowing players to practice catching with a realistic feel.
  2. Training Purpose
    • Soft Hands Technique: Focuses on teaching players to receive and secure the ball softly in their glove, minimizing rebounds and ensuring quick transitions to throws.
    • Hand-Eye Coordination: Improves hand-eye coordination by requiring players to track the ball into the glove and maintain focus on the catching process.
  3. Versatility in Training
    • Ground Ball Drills: Used for fielding ground balls by rolling or tossing balls to players, helping them practice fielding mechanics and footwork.
    • Fly Ball Drills: Simulates catching pop flies or line drives, allowing players to work on judging the ball’s flight path and making catches at various angles.
  4. Portability and Setup
    • Compact and Lightweight: Easy to transport and set up in various training environments, such as practice fields, backyards, or indoor facilities.
    • User-Friendly: Simple to use for individual practice or incorporated into team drills, providing flexibility in training routines.

Benefits of Using a Soft Hands Baseball Trainer

  • Develop Soft Hands: Emphasizes catching techniques that promote soft, controlled receptions of the ball, crucial for infielders in handling grounders and line drives.
  • Glove Control: Improves glove control and positioning, teaching players to funnel the ball into the glove and make quick transfers for throws.
  • Confidence Building: Builds confidence by allowing players to practice catching repetitions without the fear of injury from hard baseballs, promoting a smoother transition to game situations.
  • Skill Refinement: Helps refine fundamental fielding skills, such as footwork, glove positioning, and reaction time, essential for consistent defensive performance.

How to Use a Soft Hands Baseball Trainer Effectively

  • Focus on Technique: Encourage players to maintain proper fielding mechanics, including staying low, using two hands, and keeping their eyes on the ball until secured in the glove.
  • Progressive Drills: Start with basic catching drills and gradually increase the difficulty by varying the speed, angle, and trajectory of the balls.
  • Feedback and Adjustments: Provide feedback on hand positioning, footwork, and overall technique to help players refine their skills and address any areas needing improvement.
  • Incorporate Variety: Include different types of drills, such as ground balls, line drives, and pop flies, to simulate game-like situations and challenges.


A soft hands baseball trainer is an essential tool for infielders and outfielders looking to enhance their fielding skills through focused and repetitive practice. By emphasizing soft-handed catching techniques, hand-eye coordination, and glove control, these trainers contribute to developing confident and reliable fielders capable of making critical plays during games. Whether used for individual improvement or team training sessions, a soft hands baseball trainer plays a vital role in fostering skill development and preparing players to excel defensively on the baseball field.

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