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soft hands fielding trainer
The term “soft hands fielding trainer” typically refers to a specialized tool or device designed to help baseball or softball players improve their fielding skills, specifically focusing on developing soft and sure-handed catching techniques. These trainers are valuable for infielders and outfielders alike, as they emphasize proper hand positioning, glove control, and smooth transitions from catching to throwing. Here’s an overview of what a soft hands fielding trainer entails and how it benefits players:

Features of a Soft Hands Fielding Trainer

  1. Design and Construction
    • Soft Material: Made from materials that simulate the feel of a baseball or softball, often using foam or lightweight rubber, to ensure safety during repetitive catching drills.
    • Size and Shape: Typically designed to resemble the size and shape of a baseball or softball, allowing players to practice catching without the weight and hardness of a real ball.
  2. Versatility in Training
    • Catching Drills: Designed for a variety of catching drills, including ground balls, line drives, and pop flies, to improve hand-eye coordination and glove-to-hand transfer.
    • Throwing Accuracy: Some trainers may incorporate target areas or markings to help players improve throwing accuracy after fielding the ball.
  3. Portability and Setup
    • Compact and Lightweight: Easy to transport and set up in various training environments, whether on the field, in a backyard, or indoors.
    • Quick Assembly: Typically requires minimal setup, making it convenient for individual practice sessions or team training drills.
  4. Durability and Longevity
    • Weather Resistance: Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sun and moisture, ensuring durability over extended use.
    • Impact Resistance: Constructed to endure repeated catches and throws without losing shape or effectiveness.

Benefits of Using a Soft Hands Fielding Trainer

  • Develop Soft Hands: Emphasizes catching techniques that minimize ball impact and ensure secure ball control, essential for infielders fielding grounders and short hops.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time by simulating various types of defensive plays and catching scenarios.
  • Glove Control: Enhances glove control and positioning, teaching players to funnel the ball properly into the glove and make quick transitions to throwing.
  • Safety and Confidence: Provides a safer alternative to using hard baseballs or softballs for repetitive catching drills, reducing the risk of injury and building confidence in fielding abilities.

How to Use a Soft Hands Fielding Trainer Effectively

  • Drill Variety: Incorporate a variety of catching drills, such as forehand/backhand grounders, line drives, and pop flies, to simulate game-like situations.
  • Focus on Technique: Emphasize proper hand positioning, footwork, and glove mechanics during drills to reinforce correct fielding fundamentals.
  • Progressive Training: Start with basic drills and gradually increase the difficulty by adjusting the speed and angle of throws to challenge players and improve skills.
  • Feedback and Adjustment: Provide constructive feedback based on observed performance to help players make necessary adjustments and improvements in their fielding technique.


A soft hands fielding trainer is a valuable tool for baseball and softball players looking to enhance their fielding skills through focused and repetitive practice. By emphasizing soft-handed catching techniques, hand-eye coordination, and glove control, these trainers contribute to developing confident and efficient fielders capable of making plays across different defensive positions. Whether used for individual practice or incorporated into team training sessions, a soft hands fielding trainer plays a crucial role in improving overall defensive capabilities and ensuring readiness for game situations on the field.

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