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Some Things I Think I Think: On danger of expiring deals for Red Sox, and diminished rivalries

There is a possibility, maybe even a probability, that the Red Sox will not have the ability to satisfy all of their starting pitching requirements exclusively by depending on totally free company.

The market for a minimal number of prominent free agent beginning pitchers (Aaron Nola, Jordan Montgomery, Blake Snell, Yoshinobu Yamamoto) will be highly competitive, and the Red Sox may find themselves outbid for some players, in spite of their revealed decision to aggressively pursue them. This is acknowledged.

However, if the Red Sox plan to exchange appealing young players for a premium beginning pitcher who has limited time left on their contract, it is crucial for them to be prepared to sign a contract extension with the acquired pitcher in the future. Unlike the Dodgers, Braves, or Astros, who are currently accomplished teams seeking to include one final player to strengthen their opportunities of winning another champion, the Red Sox are currently on the brink of contention and have actually stressed their long-lasting objective of sustainability and the capability to complete for the World Series on an annual basis.

Instead of trading leading potential customers for temporary solutions like Corbin Burnes, Shane Bieber, or Tyler Glasnow, the team should focus on finalizing extension-worthy pitchers.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Many individuals like to grumble about the decline of the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry, however a lot more significant decline has actually accompanied the local hockey equivalent: Bruins vs. Canadiens. These days, there is extremely little interest surrounding that matchup. One of the reasons for this lack of excitement is the well balanced schedule, which just includes four routine season video games between the teams. However, it deserves noting that this is another video game than they had in the previous season.

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