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batting tips for 7 year olds

Batting Tips for 7-Year-Old Baseball and Softball Players

Batting can be an exciting yet challenging skill for young players in baseball and softball. Here are some helpful tips tailored specifically for 7-year-olds to develop their batting skills and enjoy the game:

1. Basic Stance and Grip

  • Stance: Encourage a balanced and comfortable stance with feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Help them find a stance that feels natural and allows them to move freely.
  • Grip: Teach them to hold the bat with a relaxed grip, allowing for quick adjustments and swings. Emphasize keeping their hands together and controlling the bat with both hands evenly.

2. Focus on Eye Contact

  • Teach them to keep their eyes on the ball from the pitcher’s hand to the point of contact. This helps improve their timing and ability to make solid contact with the ball.

3. Swing Mechanics

  • Swing Path: Guide them to swing the bat in a smooth, level arc through the strike zone. Avoid emphasizing uppercuts or overly aggressive swings at this age.
  • Weight Transfer: Teach them to shift their weight from their back foot to their front foot as they swing. This helps generate power and improves their ability to hit the ball with force.

4. Start with Tee Work

  • Use a batting tee to practice hitting stationary balls. This allows them to focus on their swing mechanics without the complexity of a moving ball. Adjust the tee to different heights and positions to practice hitting pitches in different locations.

5. Soft Toss Drills

  • Have a coach or parent gently toss balls from a short distance (underhand) to simulate live pitching. This helps them practice timing and hand-eye coordination in a controlled setting.

6. Encourage Patience and Selectivity

  • Teach them to be patient at the plate and wait for good pitches to hit. Emphasize the importance of not swinging at pitches outside the strike zone.

7. Make Practice Fun

  • Incorporate games and challenges during batting practice to keep them engaged and motivated. For example, set up targets or use colored cones to aim for specific hitting zones.

8. Provide Positive Reinforcement

  • Offer encouragement and praise for their efforts and improvements. Positive reinforcement helps build confidence and a love for the game.

9. Keep Sessions Short and Engaging

  • Attention spans can be short at this age, so keep batting practice sessions relatively brief (15-20 minutes) and focused. Rotate through different drills to maintain their interest and enthusiasm.

10. Focus on Enjoyment and Development

  • Above all, emphasize enjoyment and development over performance outcomes. Foster a love for the game by creating a positive and supportive environment where they can learn and grow as young hitters.


By incorporating these batting tips into practice sessions, you can help 7-year-old baseball and softball players develop fundamental hitting skills and a solid foundation for future growth in the sport. Keep practices age-appropriate, engaging, and focused on skill development, and watch as their confidence and enjoyment in batting continue to grow.