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batting tips mlb the show 22

Advanced Batting Tips for MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 is a highly realistic baseball simulation game that requires precision, timing, and strategy in batting. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to refine your skills further, these advanced tips will help you become a more effective hitter in MLB The Show 22:

1. Understanding Batting Mechanics

  • Timing is Key: Pay close attention to the timing mechanic in MLB The Show 22. Each hitter has different timing windows based on their attributes and stance. Practice timing your swings to connect with the ball at the optimal moment for solid contact.
  • Plate Coverage: Use the left stick to control your batter’s plate coverage. Anticipate the pitch location and adjust your batter’s position accordingly to cover different parts of the strike zone effectively.

2. Mastering Swing Types

  • Normal Swing: Use the X button (PS) or A button (Xbox) for a standard swing. This is useful for making contact with pitches in the strike zone and driving the ball into play.
  • Power Swing: Press and hold the Square button (PS) or X button (Xbox) for a power swing. This increases the likelihood of hitting for extra bases or even a home run but reduces your contact ability and increases the chance of a miss.
  • Contact Swing: Press and hold the Circle button (PS) or B button (Xbox) for a contact swing. This is useful for making contact with pitches outside the strike zone or when you need to protect with two strikes. It sacrifices power but increases your chances of making contact.

3. Recognizing Pitches

  • Pitch Recognition: Learn to identify different pitch types (fastball, curveball, slider, changeup, etc.) based on their movement and speed. Use the pitcher’s delivery animation and the initial trajectory of the ball to anticipate the pitch type.
  • Practice Mode: Use the game’s practice mode to familiarize yourself with various pitchers and their repertoires. This will help improve your pitch recognition and reaction time during actual games.

4. Adjusting to Difficulty Settings

  • Difficulty Levels: MLB The Show 22 offers various difficulty settings, from Rookie to Hall of Fame. Adjust the difficulty level based on your skill level and gradually increase it as you improve. Higher difficulty levels challenge your ability to make precise timing and pitch recognition.

5. Utilizing Player Attributes

  • Player Attributes: Pay attention to your player’s attributes, such as contact, power, vision, and discipline. These attributes affect your batter’s ability to make contact, hit for power, and draw walks. Play to your player’s strengths and adjust your approach accordingly.

6. Advanced Strategies

  • Plate Discipline: Develop good plate discipline by laying off pitches outside the strike zone. Use the Circle/B button for contact swings with two strikes to increase your chances of making contact.
  • Baserunning Awareness: Be aware of baserunning situations and make strategic decisions after making contact. Anticipate where the ball will land and whether it’s advisable to advance or hold runners.

7. Customizing Controls and Camera Angles

  • Control Settings: Customize control settings to suit your preference and play style. Experiment with different camera angles (such as Strike Zone or Fish Eye) to get a better view of pitch movement and timing.

8. Practice and Persistence

  • Training Mode: Take advantage of training modes and batting practice sessions to refine your skills. Focus on specific aspects of your batting technique, such as pitch recognition, timing, and plate coverage.


Mastering batting in MLB The Show 22 requires practice, strategy, and an understanding of game mechanics. By applying these advanced tips and techniques, you can improve your batting skills, enhance your performance in games, and enjoy the immersive experience of baseball simulation in MLB The Show 22.