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Pitching Coach Tips: Enhancing Your Pitching Skills in MLB The Show

As a pitching coach in MLB The Show, your role is pivotal in guiding pitchers to success on the virtual mound. Whether you’re strategizing in Franchise Mode, fine-tuning mechanics in Road to the Show, or optimizing rotations in Diamond Dynasty, these tips will help you maximize your pitchers’ potential and dominate the game.

Developing Pitching Repertoire

  1. Mastering Pitch Types: Understand the different pitch types available (fastball, curveball, slider, changeup, etc.) and their strengths and weaknesses. Encourage pitchers to develop a diverse repertoire to keep hitters off balance.
  2. Pitch Location and Control: Emphasize the importance of precision and control. Use the pitching interface to practice hitting spots on the strike zone, minimizing mistakes over the plate.

Player Management and Strategy

  1. Managing Stamina: Monitor pitchers’ stamina levels during games. Rotate starters to maintain their effectiveness throughout the season. Utilize the bullpen strategically to preserve leads and manage high-leverage situations.
  2. Understanding Matchups: Analyze opposing hitters’ strengths and weaknesses. Use scouting reports to adjust pitching strategies, such as pitch selection and location, based on hitter tendencies.

Skill Development and Training

  1. Practice and Drill Exercises: Utilize practice modes to refine pitching mechanics and improve command. Focus on repeating delivery motions and adjusting release points to enhance deception.
  2. Utilizing Training Programs: Customize training programs to target specific aspects of pitching, such as velocity, movement, or stamina. Track progress and adjust training routines based on performance feedback.

In-Game Tactics

  1. Pitch Sequencing: Teach pitchers the art of sequencing pitches to set up hitters and induce weak contact or strikeouts. Vary pitch speeds and locations to keep hitters guessing and off balance.
  2. Adapting to Situations: Prepare pitchers to handle different game situations, such as pitching with runners on base, executing bunts or pickoff attempts, and managing pitch counts effectively.

Mental Preparation and Feedback

  1. Building Confidence: Instill confidence in pitchers by emphasizing positive reinforcement and focusing on their strengths. Address performance issues constructively and encourage learning from mistakes.
  2. Analyzing Performance Data: Review game statistics and performance metrics to identify areas for improvement. Use data-driven insights to make informed decisions on pitching rotations, bullpen usage, and skill development.

Communication and Leadership

  1. Team Communication: Foster open communication with pitchers to understand their needs and concerns. Provide guidance on adjustments and strategies during games and practices.
  2. Leadership and Motivation: Lead by example and inspire pitchers to strive for excellence. Create a supportive team environment that promotes accountability and camaraderie among pitchers.


As a pitching coach in MLB The Show, your role is essential in shaping pitchers’ careers and achieving success on the virtual diamond. By focusing on developing pitching repertoire, strategic planning, skill development, and fostering a positive team environment, you can elevate your team’s performance and lead them to victory. Implement these pitching coach tips effectively, and watch your pitchers thrive in the competitive world of MLB The Show.