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This Atlanta Braves front office isn’t perfect but have been as close to it as you can have in this league.

The Braves’ fan base holds Will Smith in high regard, thanks to his role in their World Series victory against the Astros. Regardless of a rocky regular season, Smith’s remarkable postseason efficiency etched him into the hearts of Atlanta fans. While it was tough to say goodbye to other key players, the decision to let Smith go was ultimately the best one.

Smith’s efficiency in the playoffs for the Braves fell short of expectations. While he did have some standout minutes, it appeared that Atlanta made the right option in choosing to part methods with him. This has been a repeating pattern under Anthopoulos, as the Braves front office acknowledges the value of frequently reshuffling their bullpen and presenting new pitchers each year.

While there have been a few stalwarts, Smith plainly wasn’t a piece to develop around and Atlanta included a brand-new closer each of the following 2 seasons. Smith had a fantastic run for the Braves however the group made the ideal choice to proceed.

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