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weighted baseball hitting drills
Weighted baseballs can be a valuable tool for hitters looking to develop strength, bat speed, and mechanics. However, it’s important to use them correctly and safely to avoid injury and maximize effectiveness. Here are some weighted baseball hitting drills that can help improve your swing:

1. Warm-Up with Light Bat

Before using weighted baseballs, it’s essential to warm up properly. Start with a standard baseball bat or a lighter bat to loosen up your muscles and get into a hitting rhythm.

2. One-Handed Drills

Objective: Improve wrist and forearm strength, as well as bat control.

  • One-Handed Batting: Hold a weighted baseball bat with only your top hand (lead hand for right-handed hitters, bottom hand for left-handed hitters). Swing at balls tossed softly from a tee or by a coach. This drill enhances bat control and strengthens the wrist and forearm.
  • Top Hand/Bottom Hand Drill: Hold the weighted bat with either just the top hand or just the bottom hand. Focus on generating bat speed and maintaining control throughout the swing.

3. Tee Work

Objective: Improve swing mechanics and consistency.

  • Standard Tee Work: Set up a tee with a weighted baseball and practice hitting off the tee. Focus on maintaining proper mechanics, such as a balanced stance, smooth swing path, and follow-through.
  • High Tee Drill: Set the tee higher than usual. This drill encourages a slightly uppercut swing path, helping hitters drive the ball in the air with more power.

4. Overload/Underload Drills

Objective: Improve bat speed and muscle memory.

  • Overload Bat Drill: Use a heavier weighted bat than usual (e.g., one that is 10-20% heavier). Swing the bat at balls tossed from a tee or by a coach. This drill helps build strength and power in your swing.
  • Underload Bat Drill: Switch to a lighter bat than usual (e.g., one that is 10-20% lighter). Swing the bat at balls tossed from a tee or by a coach. This drill focuses on bat speed and quickness through the hitting zone.

5. Live Pitching with Weighted Balls

Objective: Improve timing and adaptability.

  • Soft Toss with Weighted Balls: Have a coach or partner toss weighted baseballs to you from a short distance. This drill helps improve timing and hand-eye coordination, as well as adjustability to different pitch speeds and locations.

Tips for Using Weighted Baseballs Safely and Effectively:

  • Start Light: Begin with lighter weighted baseballs and gradually progress to heavier ones as you become comfortable and confident in your swing mechanics.
  • Focus on Mechanics: Always prioritize proper swing mechanics over speed or power. Use the weighted balls to reinforce correct form and technique.
  • Rotate Drills: Incorporate a variety of drills into your hitting routine to keep practices engaging and to target different aspects of your swing.
  • Recovery and Rest: Allow adequate time for recovery between sessions using weighted baseballs to prevent muscle strain and fatigue.


Incorporating weighted baseballs into your hitting drills can be an effective way to enhance strength, bat speed, and mechanics. By practicing these drills regularly and focusing on proper technique, hitters can improve their overall performance at the plate. However, it’s important to use weighted baseballs appropriately and to gradually increase intensity to avoid injury and maximize benefits.

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