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all star training mitt
The All-Star training mitt, or specifically the “All-Star Catchers Training Mitt,” is a specialized tool designed to help catchers develop and refine their skills behind the plate. Here’s an overview of what the All-Star training mitt entails and its benefits:

Overview of All-Star Catchers Training Mitt

  1. Purpose: The All-Star training mitt is primarily used by catchers to improve their receiving, blocking, and transfer skills. It is designed to simulate game-like situations while providing specific training benefits.
  2. Design Features:
    • Targeted Padding: The mitt is heavily padded to absorb the impact of pitches, particularly for drills focused on blocking and receiving.
    • Strategic Design: It often includes features such as a deeper pocket and reinforced stitching to enhance durability and performance.
    • Adjustable Straps: Some models may have adjustable straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for different hand sizes.
  3. Training Benefits:
    • Receiving Skills: Helps catchers practice framing pitches and receiving the ball cleanly to present strikes effectively to umpires.
    • Blocking Drills: Allows catchers to work on their technique for blocking pitches in the dirt, emphasizing proper positioning and body control.
    • Transfer and Throwing: Enables catchers to practice quick and efficient transfer of the ball from the mitt to their throwing hand, improving their ability to make accurate throws to bases.

How to Use All-Star Training Mitt Effectively

  1. Receiving Drills: Practice framing pitches and working on soft hands to catch the ball quietly, minimizing movement that could affect umpire calls.
  2. Blocking Drills: Set up drills where pitchers throw pitches in the dirt, and catchers use the training mitt to practice blocking and smothering the ball to prevent runners from advancing.
  3. Transfer and Throwing: Focus on quickening the transfer of the ball from the mitt to the throwing hand, simulating game situations where a speedy release is crucial.
  4. Repetitions: Incorporate regular repetitions to build muscle memory and consistency in catching and transferring the ball.
  5. Game-Like Situations: Integrate the training mitt into live bullpen sessions or scrimmage settings to simulate real-game scenarios, enhancing catchers’ readiness and reaction time.


  • Compatibility: Ensure the training mitt is compatible with the catcher’s regular catching glove for consistency in feel and fit.
  • Supervision: Especially for younger players, supervision and guidance from coaches can help maximize the effectiveness of drills and ensure correct technique.
  • Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the training mitt to prolong its durability and effectiveness.


The All-Star training mitt is a valuable tool for catchers looking to refine their skills and performance behind the plate. By providing targeted training for receiving, blocking, and transfer skills, it helps catchers develop the essential abilities needed to excel in game situations. Coaches and players alike can benefit from incorporating the All-Star training mitt into their practice routines to enhance overall catching proficiency and readiness during games.

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