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misericordia baseball
Misericordia University is home to a competitive baseball program that participates in NCAA Division III. The team is part of the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Freedom division. Here’s a detailed look at Misericordia baseball:

Misericordia University Baseball Program Overview

Team Background

  • Division: NCAA Division III
  • Conference: Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Freedom
  • Location: Dallas, Pennsylvania


  • Tambur Field: The home field for Misericordia baseball, offering a quality playing surface and amenities for both players and fans.

Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach: The team is led by an experienced head coach who oversees all aspects of the program, from recruiting to game strategy. As of the most recent information, the head coach is Pete Egbert, who has been with the team for several years and has led the Cougars to numerous successful seasons.
  • Assistant Coaches: Supporting the head coach are several assistant coaches, often specializing in areas such as pitching, hitting, and fielding.

Team Achievements

  • Conference Titles: Misericordia baseball has secured multiple MAC Freedom conference titles, showcasing their competitive edge within the division.
  • NCAA Tournament Appearances: The team has made several appearances in the NCAA Division III tournament, reflecting their strong performance at the conference level and beyond.

Player Development

  • Focus on Academics and Athletics: Misericordia emphasizes a balance between academic achievement and athletic performance, encouraging student-athletes to excel in both areas.
  • Training and Development: Players undergo rigorous training programs to improve their skills, fitness, and understanding of the game. This includes off-season conditioning, regular practice sessions, and competitive games.

Community Involvement

  • Youth Camps and Clinics: The baseball program often hosts camps and clinics for young athletes, fostering a love for the game and teaching fundamental skills.
  • Community Service: Players and coaches participate in community service activities, building a strong relationship between the team and the local community.

Notable Alumni

  • Professional Prospects: While NCAA Division III athletes are less frequently drafted into professional baseball compared to Division I, several Misericordia players have gone on to play in independent leagues or pursue coaching careers.

Season Highlights and Key Games

Regular Season

  • Conference Play: The regular season includes numerous conference games, which are crucial for securing a spot in the MAC Freedom playoffs.
  • Non-Conference Games: In addition to conference matchups, the team also plays non-conference games to test their skills against a broader range of opponents.


  • MAC Freedom Playoffs: Success in the regular season typically leads to participation in the MAC Freedom playoffs, where the top teams compete for the conference championship.
  • NCAA Division III Tournament: Winning the conference championship or receiving an at-large bid can qualify the team for the NCAA Division III tournament, a prestigious event that brings together top teams from across the country.


Misericordia University’s baseball program is a strong and competitive team within NCAA Division III, known for its dedication to excellence both on and off the field. With a focus on developing well-rounded student-athletes, the Cougars are a respected team in the Middle Atlantic Conference Freedom division. Through rigorous training, strategic gameplay, and strong community involvement, Misericordia baseball continues to build on its tradition of success and sportsmanship.

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