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montgomery biscuits
The Montgomery Biscuits are a Minor League Baseball team based in Montgomery, Alabama. They are the Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays and play in the Southern League. Here is a detailed overview of the Montgomery Biscuits:

Team Overview


  • Founded: 1973 (originally as the Orlando Twins), the team relocated to Montgomery and became the Biscuits in 2004.
  • Name Origin: The name “Biscuits” was chosen through a fan contest. It reflects Southern cuisine and hospitality, adding a unique and quirky touch to the team’s identity.


  • Current Major League Affiliate: Tampa Bay Rays (since 2004)
  • League: Southern League (Double-A level)


  • Stadium: Riverwalk Stadium
    • Location: Montgomery, Alabama
    • Opened: 2004
    • Capacity: Approximately 7,000
    • Features: The stadium is known for its scenic views, fan-friendly amenities, and historic architecture, as it was built on the site of a historic train shed.

Team Success and Notable Achievements

  • Championships: The Montgomery Biscuits have won several Southern League championships, solidifying their status as a competitive team in Minor League Baseball.
  • Player Development: The team has been instrumental in developing numerous players who have gone on to successful careers in Major League Baseball, contributing to the strength of the Tampa Bay Rays organization.

Fan Experience

Mascots and Entertainment

  • Mascots: The Biscuits’ mascots, Big Mo and Monty, are fan favorites, providing entertainment and engagement during games.
  • Promotions: The team is known for creative and family-friendly promotions, including fireworks nights, themed events, and giveaways.

Community Involvement

  • Outreach Programs: The Biscuits are active in the local community, participating in various outreach programs and charity events. They focus on fostering a strong connection with their fan base and supporting local causes.

Notable Alumni

  • Major League Success: Several former Biscuits players have made significant impacts in Major League Baseball, including stars like Evan Longoria, David Price, and Carl Crawford. These players have contributed to the success of the Tampa Bay Rays and other MLB teams.


The Montgomery Biscuits are a beloved Minor League Baseball team with a rich history and a strong connection to their community. Known for their unique name, vibrant fan experience, and commitment to player development, the Biscuits continue to be an integral part of the Southern League and the Tampa Bay Rays organization. Whether you’re a baseball enthusiast or a casual fan, attending a Biscuits game at Riverwalk Stadium promises a fun and memorable experience.

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