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td ballpark blue jays
The TD Ballpark, also known as TD Ballpark at Dunedin, is the spring training home of the Toronto Blue Jays, located in Dunedin, Florida. Here’s an overview of the ballpark and its significance:

Location and History

  • Location: TD Ballpark is situated in Dunedin, Florida, which is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, northwest of Tampa.
  • History: The ballpark has been the spring training home of the Toronto Blue Jays since its opening in 1990. It underwent renovations and upgrades over the years to enhance facilities for players and fans.

Features and Amenities

  1. Capacity: TD Ballpark has a seating capacity of approximately 8,500 spectators.
  2. Facilities: It includes modern amenities such as training facilities, batting cages, practice fields, and clubhouse areas for players.
  3. Fan Experience: The ballpark offers a fan-friendly environment with close views of the action, concessions, and merchandise stands.
  4. Location: Dunedin itself is known for its picturesque setting and small-town charm, making it a popular destination for both locals and visiting fans during spring training.

Spring Training

  • Purpose: TD Ballpark serves as the venue for the Toronto Blue Jays’ spring training sessions, where players prepare for the upcoming MLB season.
  • Games: During spring training, the Blue Jays play exhibition games against other MLB teams also training in Florida (part of the Grapefruit League).

Community Impact

  • Economic: The presence of TD Ballpark and spring training games contribute to the local economy through tourism, hospitality services, and fan spending.
  • Fan Engagement: It provides an opportunity for fans to get closer to their favorite players and enjoy baseball in a more intimate setting compared to regular-season games.


TD Ballpark at Dunedin, home to the Toronto Blue Jays during spring training, plays a significant role in the team’s preseason preparations and fan engagement. With its modern facilities, scenic location, and community impact, the ballpark enhances the overall experience for players and visitors alike, contributing to the rich tradition of spring training baseball in Florida.

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